Short Biography

My first contact with photography was in 1972 at 10 years old, working in the amateur photo laboratory in São Paulo, Brasil. The passion aroused by photography, however, was kept dormant for some years. In 1989 I attended a course in photojournalism and from this course I was invited to work as photojournalist at the main newspaper in São José dos Campos. After this experience I worked in others news corporations as Folha de S. Paulo, Diário do Grande ABC, Agência Estado, Rede Anhanguera de Comunicação (Campinas), I also made works in studio for advertising and editorials. In recent years I have focused my lenses for my favorite theme: the landscape.

Besides photography I obtained the titles of Bachelor, Master and Doctor in Geography. As geographer I worked in projects in environmental education, water resources and environmental conservation.

I’m author of “1822, um europeu em viagem pelo Vale do Paraíba”, a novel that chronicles the passage of the french botanist Auguste de Saint Hilaire by the Paraíba Valley in 1822. For this work I received the Cultural Prize “Eugenia Sereno” (1998) from Instituto de Estudos Valeparaibanos.



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